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Wireless Networking
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Are the EAP1750H and the ECB1750 802.11ac Wave 1 or are they 802.11ac Wave 2?
I have a backup configuration. Do I have to go through setup wizard after resetting the router?
I couldn't find Fast Handover in EWS360AP after updating to firmware version
The firmware of the ECB1750 was updated to the version 1.3.1. Now the wireless channel setting no longer has a drop-down option to manually select the wireless channel.
Proper Placement of Dual Band APs in Hotels
Is there an AP Router Mode on ECB600?
How do I increase the throughput between an ECB350 Access Point and an ECB350 Client Bridge if the throughput is low?
How can I have a captive portal page without using a controller switch?
How can I find the DHCP server on EAP300v2 (Access Point Mode)?
How to setup an Access Point in a small single story office?
How to setup Access Points to a large-single story residence
How should we setup Access Points in a 2-story motel?
Can you set up the EUB9603H as an Access Point?
Are there EnGenius products that support Multi-User MIMO (MU-MIMO)?
I cannot see Band Steering on my EAP600 Manual
Can you set the EAP600 as wireless repeater on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz?
Can you set FTP username and password on ESR600?
Why does the SSID and encryption set not appear on an EAP300v2?
ECB600 gains Fast Handover feature
Why can't I pass multiple VLANs on ECB600 in repeater mode?
Changing the guest password for FTP access
I cannot block Facebook when accessing using https.
Can you set (2) EAP600 with 5GHz as backhaul for VLAN passthrough?
Does the EAP600 have the band steering feature?
How to enable QoS on EnGenius Access Points?
Why can’t I install my EUB9603H on a Mac OSX 10.9 Computer?
Does the EAP300 have a T-rail mount?
How to create a Guest SSID on an EnGenius Cloud/ IoT router?
After finishing initial Setup Wizard, I lost connection to router
Firmware update on ESR600
Guest Network on EAP300
How to set Daylight Saving Time on ENS202EXT?
EnGenius Router Initial Install
EAP600 reboots when powered by a 802.3af PoE injector or switch.
Can I use channel 36 on my outdoor wireless bridges ENH500s?
WDS (Point to Point), Unable to Ping
I cannot connect a windows xp (sp1) to a router with WPA2-PSK(AES) security.
I can't access the smart wizard of the ERB300H.
VLANs won’t pass through using ENH500 on WDS Bridge Mode
Low throughput between a pair of ENH202 even though the signal is strong.
My laptop is getting only 54mbps wireless connection to an ESR350.
What is the main difference of the EnGenius devices with models that starts with ENS and ENH?
VLAN Issue: EAP9550
I am unable to access the WEB UI when the ECB300 is on AP Router mode.
Why can't I get a strong wireless signal 40-50ft behind an ENS200?
What distance can EnStationAC connect Point-to-Point?
We are experiencing wireless roaming issues. What should we do?
Can the EnStationAC provide POE power to a POE device?
Device seems working but I can’t ping the router from internet (WAN)
ENH500 installed in Marina periodically drops connection.
I have an EAP600 with firmware version 1.5.x. How do I enable the fast roaming feature?
Can I skip the EnGenius Setup Wizard and access the user interface to configure all the settings manually?
What is L2.5 Bridging?
How can I save and apply settings on EWS Access Points?
A pair of ENH202 in WDS Bridge mode is not passing traffic.
Deploying a Point-to-(Multi)Point Backhaul Network
I can't connect my ERB9250 to the Router? (WEP Security)
Where can I find Fast Handover on EWS360AP?
Will the ENH500 power LED blink when reset?
Why can't I get internet from my ESR600 when configured as Access Point?
Can I install 2 directional antennas on ENH210EXT targeting different directions?
An RV user would like to connect to the park wifi. He wants to use the ENH202 since the wifi signal cannot penetrate the metal skin of the trailer.
Nexus 6 smartphone and Nexus 9 tablet cannot detect the 5GHz signal from the ECB1750
What are the models of outdoor devices in which its secondary port is PoE Capable 802.3af (output)?
Why my EUB9603H cannot detect wireless signals when installed on another computer?
How to setup outdoor access point in a residence with a large backyard
How to set up the EPG/ESR IoT Router as an access point?
How to setup Access Point in a resort where the pool bar is about 300ft away from the buildings and does not have wired access to the network.
Is there any additional cost associated with EnGenius EnShare APP?
How should we setup Access Point in a campground where the camping area is about 1000 ft. from the main office, where the access to internet is available.
Why can't I make band steering work on ECB600 AP?
Unable to Save SSID profile on EWS660AP (Stand-Alone Mode)
I cannot decide between the ECB600 and the EAP600. What are the main considerations I should be looking at?
Is there an option to set the 5GHz radio on the ENH700EXT to Client Bridge mode?
How to Set Static DHCP/DHCP Reservation on EnGenius Routers
I cannot access the GUI of an ENS202EXT.
Why doesn't band steering work?
Can the ENH500v1 be accessed via Telnet?
Why is the reset button of my ECB600 not working?
How do I reset the ENH900EXT back to factory default?
Does ERB9250 support WPA/WPA2-Enterprise?
An RV user would like to connect to the park wifi. He wants to use the ENH202 since the wifi signal cannot penetrate the metal skin of the trailer.
How to Manually Install EUB1200AC drivers for Windows 7
ENH700EXT would not power on using an 802.3at PoE switch.
How can I save changes on the EAP1750H?
Is it possible to set a limit on the number of clients that are able to connect to my ENH700EXT?
Can I setup the router using a wired connection?
Why can't I access the GUI with the login password I set?
What is the horizontal and vertical beamwidth of the ENH202?
How to set up a guest network on an EAP600/ECB600?
Can we pair different models of EnGenius devices and configure as WDS bridges?
Is it possible to replace the antennas of the ENH710EXT?
Dropping Wireless Connections
Can we paint our EnGenius Devices?
When outdoor access points are mounted on the same pole, how far apart should one AP be on top of the other?
How can I save and apply settings on EAP300v2?
How enable/disable the Guest network on EAP/ECB/ENH and EWS Access Points?
ENH500 set as CB cannot detect the signal from an existing EOC5611P AP.
How can I save and apply settings on EAP350?
What happens when an existing route is no longer available due to the failure of a mesh AP?
How can I save and apply settings on ECB350?
Are there any EnGenius access points that have content filtering feature?
What type of connectors/ports are on the EnGenius Sector Antennas?
How can I save and apply settings on EAP600?
How to save and apply settings for the EAP900H, EAP1750H, ENH900EXT and ENH1750EXT
Is Sector antenna only for 2.4GHz radio?
How can I save and apply settings on ECB600?
How many SA5219 and SA2216 do I need for ENH710EXT?
What is WDS and can I make a WDS connection on an EnGenius EAP300v2 with a different brand that supports WDS?
What model of EnGenius Access Point/s support/s band steering?
How can I save and apply settings for the ENH900EXT and ENH1750EXT?
How to Change the Wireless Network Password on EnGenius IoT Gateways
EnGenius Access Points with 802.11AC Wave 2 Standards
How can I save and apply settings on ENH/ENS200/202/500 and EAP/ECB300v2/350/600 devices?
EnGenius devices can do both repeater and WDS Access Point. Which should I choose if I would like to repeat the signal of my current wireless network?
How does Fast Handover work? What product does it apply to?
Powering an 802.3af device through the PoE output port of the EWS860AP access point.
How do I find the Wireless Network Password on EnGenius Routers?
Unable to access User Interface
How to Change Channel Settings on ECB1750 (Updated Firmware)
Since static IP addressing is recommended in most access point deployments, is it okay if I set my access point to obtain an IP address and reserve it on the router setting?
What is Link Budget?
How can I overcome my low wireless range from an ENH200EXT set up as an AP?
Why can't my IPhone 4s connect to 5 GHz?
Why can’t my ENH202 connect to the marina WiFi?
Does the EWS360AP support MESH in stand-alone AP mode?
EAP900H POE Compatibility
Can I leave my router on all the time?
Duplicated Administrator: How to Avoid
How many EnRoute users can be registered to a single IoT router?
Can the ENH900EXT be set up in AP to CB configuration?
Cannot tell the model of the AP in status page.
Why can’t I access the EnShare service through EnShare APP?
The peak power consumption of ENH900EXT is 34W. How can I power it when 802 3at only provides up to 25.5W at PD
Time and date settings will restore to default every time the device reboots
How to disable EnShare Service?
Why can't I change the Transmit Power of my Access Point?
Unable to Access EnGenius User Interface
Is there a way for an EnRoute App client to contact the IoT Gateway administrator through the App? (Like send a notification or a chat message?)
Does the ENH1750EXT have a physical reset button?
What is RSSI and its acceptable signal strength?
Will using EnTalk to make PSTN calls make the phone line unusable to other users?
Can the secondary LAN port on the ENH1750EXT provide power to PoE powered devices?
What is Station Separation and Client Isolation?
Will the EPG600 work behind a PBX?
Can the ENH1750EXT be set up as Client Bridge?
How do I reset my router to factory defaults?
Will the EnRoute App push notification to the IoT Gateway Administrator if one of the registered EnRoute users go offline?
I uploaded wrong firmware on an ENH202v1, how can I fix this?
Mounting EnGenius Routers on a Desktop
What is Layer 2 Isolation? Does it block the communication from wireless clients to wired clients/devices?
ENS1200/ENS1750 WDS Bridge connection goes to "sleep"
Can the user location history be deleted from a setting option on the EnRoute App?
If 2.4GHz and 5GHz radios have 2 identical SSIDs and Band Steering and Client Isolation are enabled, will the wireless devices connected from different SSIDs be able to communicate?
How can I save and apply settings on ENH200?
How to Change EnShare Port (EnGenius Service Port)
Why do we need to mount antennas 4-10 feet above roof/trees.
How can I save and apply settings on ENH200EXT?
How to disable/enable the LED on ECB600?
How do I update the firmware on my router?
How to Save Changes on Enstation2/5?
Can I use my own cordless phone connected to the EPG600 to connect to an EnTalk user directly?
How does Band Steering work?
How to save Changes on ENS200?
Can smartphones be registered to EnTalk even when it is not in the same location with the EPG router?
How Many Devices Can Connect to my WiFi Network?
How to save Changes on ENS200EXT?
Will removing the account from the EnRoute list on the router also erase the user location history of that user from the folder where EnRoute user data is stored?
What is Guest Network?
How to save Changes on ENS202EXT?
Neutron Series - Background Scanning
Can I install the NetUSB software tp an ESR750H router?
What is the default IP, username and password for EnGenius devices?
Can the ENS1750 be set up as Client Bridge?
Deploying Outdoor APs
Will EnTalk work behind office firewall? Are there specific ports that need forwarding?
Different EnGenius Support Platform
Can the ENS1200 be set up as Client Bridge?
Setting Up a Dual-Band Wireless Access Point
Which IoT gateway can EnTalk with work?
Is there a set interval when a customer’s location is recorded? Can the interval be set manually?
Why Can’t I set a schedule reboot on my ENH500?
How do I change my router password?
Why it is not recommended to leave the Transmit Power of EnGenius APs on Auto?
Neutron Series - Background Scanning
What is the type of antenna connector on the ENS202EXT?
What routers support EnTalk Lite?
Where can I find the MAC address of a client device that I have previously kicked and banned on my Controller and how can I allow it to connect back to the network?
WiFi for Hotel Operators
What is the type of antenna connector on the ENS500EXT?
What device works with the EnGenius EnTalk APP? And what smart phone OS does it work on?
I cannot install EZC on Mac OSX 10.8.
EnGenius ezMaster Network Management Platform
What does "Green" mean and how it affects the performance of the ENS202EXT?
Neutron Series Key Features
Is there a maximum number of days that EnRoute will retain data about the user’s location? Will the information be erased automatically once the maximum number of days is reached?
What is band steering and what are the steering modes available?
How to save Changes on ENH202?
Neutron Series - Radius Server and Fast Roaming
Can a person still make a phone call using a phone set connected to the EPG600 when an EnTalk user is making a PSTN call?
How to save and apply settings for any EAP, ECB, ENS, ENH,or EnStation access point?
The EnStationAC and other EnGenius wireless outdoor products has IP Rating, what does IP Rating mean?
Neutron Series - Captive Portal
Is it possible to power an IP camera through the PoE output port of the EWS860AP access point?
Can I set Access Restriction Specifically for the Guest Network feature on the EAP1750H?
Which routers support EnShare and what are the smartphone platforms it is compatible with?
Band Steering
What is the power consumption of the EnStationAC and how does it compare with the power consumption of the EnStation5 and EnStation2?
How many routers can be added to EnViewer? What product does it apply to?
Do I need one email address for each mobile device for EnRoute to track?
Setting Up Wireless Guest Networks
Can you mount 2 ENH500/ENH202 (facing opposite direction) on the same pole? How far apart should they be?
Can a smartphone be registered on EnTalk to more than one EPG voice gateway?
Is EnGenius DDNS service free?
Achieving Maximum Speed for High Bandwidth Entertainment Applications
Can the ENS202EXT be set up as a repeater?
Can EnTalk be used to retrieve one's voice mail?
Using Repeater Mode
Layer 2 Isolation
Can the ENH500 in Client Bridge mode connect to an Access Point programmed with a WPA Radius security? If not, are there EnGenius bridges that can do this?
Can I change the router login username to something other than “admin”?
Does the Neutron Captive Portal feature work with the main SSID profiles?
Can I assign any EnTalk user to receive calls from a PSTN line?
WLAN Game Changer EnGenius’ Neutron Distributed Network Management Solution
How can I save and apply settings on EnStationAC?
I have no DST support on the ENH210EXT.
Can I enable/disable the Guest Network Feature on EAP1750H?
Configuring Fast Roaming on the Neutron Series Wireless Management Solution
Is it possible to limit the bandwidth of Guest Network clients?
Are link led lights supposed to light up if the ENH/ENS202, ENH/ENS500 are in WDS Bridge mode?
I exported a backup configuration file from my EAP1750H on my Mac and copied it over to a USB flashdrive. Using another computer, I tried to upload the backup configuration file to another EAP1750H without success.
Deploying a Point-to-(Multi)Point Backhaul Network
Can port mirroring be set up on the ESR600?
Taking Commercial Building WLAN Management to the Next Level
Creating an Access Point Cluster and Band Steering | Neutron Series
PoE Power requirements of Indoor Neutron Wireless Access Points
Grounding POE Injector
Why doesn't the EnShare work on my USB storage device?
Configuring a Standalone EnGenius AP
Refreshing Mountain Retreat and the EnGenius Neutron Series
Topology, Map and Floor Plan Views | Neutron Series
Power adapter specifications for Indoor Neutron Wireless Access Points
EnGenius AP Configuration Best Practices
Can the EnStationAC provide POE power to a POE device?
How do I log into my EnGenius IoT/Cloud router?
Golden Hill Nursing and Rehabilitation Center
Traffic Monitoring and Bulk Firmware Upgrades | Neutron Series
What is Radius Authentication and Can I use this type of security parameter on my EnGenius EAP350?
Does the SA5219 come with the antenna adapter cables?
Configuring Private Wi-Fi on the EnGenius® Neutron™ Platform
Neutron Series Case Study - Geyserville USD
Features of The Neutron Series Management Interface | EnGenius Technologies
Peak Power Consumption of Indoor Neutron Wireless Access Points
What is the difference between Mesh AP and Mesh Point?
Registering ezMaster to ezRegistration Server
How are Neutron devices detected and managed by ezMaster?
Adding devices to ezMaster Device Inventory
Manually redirecting AP to ezMaster
Creating New Project on ezMaster
Visualization on ezMaster
Monitoring Active Clients and Rogue AP Detection on ezMaster
Naming Convention: EWS Access Points & Cameras
Naming Convention: Electron Access Points
Wireless Backhaul Network Deployment Best Practices
Access Point Configuration on ezMaster
Guest Network and Captive Portal on ezMaster
I cannot change the Country/Region setting on the EAP1200H.
How to Migrate from EWS Switch to ezMaster
Configuring a Mesh Network with EnGenius® Neutron (EWS Controller)
Why can’t I factory reset the ENS1750 via hardware reset button?
How to set up Auto Reboot on 802.11ac Electron APs
How to Update ezMaster Software
What is Mesh technology?
Why is a mesh network better?
How many mesh routers do I need?
Can the EMR3000 be used as a range extender?
How do I set up the EnMesh Whole Home Wi-Fi system?
Does the EMR3000 update the firmware automatically?
How to use bulk update on ezMaster software?
EnShare Exploit Firmware fix
How to resolve Incompatible firmware version error on EWS controller?
How to set up MAC address filtering on the Neutron Controller
How to set up MAC address filter on Neutron Access Points in standalone mode
How to check the Mesh Router’s connection status?
How to reset Mesh Routers?
How do I add another Pod to EnMesh network?
How do I rename devices on the EnMesh app?
What is the peak power consumption of EnTurbo outdoor AP/Bridges?
What is the peak power consumption of EnTurbo ceiling-mounted indoor APs?
How to use the storage feature of the Mesh Router?
What is EnFile APP?
How to update the firmware of EMR3000 using EnMESH APP?
How to manually flash the firmware of EMR3000?
How to setup a Guest Network on EMR3000?
How to Port forward on EMR3000?
How to share EnMesh password?
Where to change Wi-Fi channel and bandwidth on EMR3000?
How do I set the EMR3000 router to specify DNS addresses when handing out IP addresses to DHCP clients?
What are the supported 5GHz channels on the EMR3000?
How to set Internet rules on EMR3000 for client device(s)?
How to rename Device(s) on EMR3000?
How do I change the Country setting on the EAP1300/EAP1300EXT (stand-alone AP)?
Does the EAP1300 as a stand-alone AP, support the L2 isolation feature?
802.11ac Wave 2, Wave 1, and 802.11n Comparison
What is the Peak Power Consumption for EnTurboTri-Band Indoor Access Point(s)?
What is the Transmit Power Output (in dBm) when Access Point(s) are in AP Groups?
How to override the wireless setting when Access Point(s) are in AP Groups?
Pole and Wall mounting EnStation2/5/5-AC/AC
Can the EnMesh app be used to check on the Mesh Connection Quality?
How to check for Mesh devices list and Mesh Connection Quality on the EMR3000 GUI
Does the EMR3000 have a physical WPS button?
Can the WiFi Protected Setup (WPS) feature be disabled on the EMR3000?
EnGenius Advisory on the WPA2 KRACK vulnerability
EnGenius Devices and their Compatible Power-Over-Ethernet (PoE) Adapters
Enterprise-Class Single Port Power-Over-Ethernet Adapter
Can I set up 2 pairs of EnStationAC bridges as LAG links?
Why can’t I add my ENS620EXT as a managed AP on my Neutron switch?
How to optimize wireless bridge after deployment?
Network Design Software - ezWiFi Planner
Outdoor RSSI and Acceptable Signal Strength
Maximize AP Placement
Wireless Access Point for the Home