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Why my EUB9603H cannot detect wireless signals when installed on another computer?
Why my EUB9603H cannot detect wireless signals when installed on another computer?
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Scenario: EUB9603H cannot detect wireless signals when installed on a particular computer. The adapter works on another computer but not on Computer B. It indicates that the installation of the correct and latest EUB9603H driver is complete. Computer B is then rebooted and the EUB9603H plugged in after the reboot. The device is detected and according to the device manager is working properly. However, the wireless adapter would not detect any wireless signal. The user has tried using the EnGenius WLAN utility and the Windows Zero configuration to no avail.

Computer B has Zone Alarm, a computer security software, installed and it was active during the installation of the driver. Uninstalling then reinstalling the EUB9603H driver while Zone Alarm is disabled will allow all components of the driver to be properly installed and now the wireless adapter is working properly.

How to disable Zone Alarm.

  • Right-click the ZoneAlarm tray icon on the right-hand side of the taskbar. A list of options is displayed.

  • Select Shutdown ZoneAlarm (or similar, depending on the version).

  • The ZoneAlarm firewall is temporarily disabled. To reactivate it, you must locate the ZoneAlarm shortcut in your Start menu or on the desktop, and launch it. The firewall will automatically re-initialise.

Tips & Advice

It is possible to disable ZoneAlarm from automatically launching when Windows first starts (although if you are considering this perhaps uninstalling ZoneAlarm and relying on the perfectly adequate Windows firewall is a worthwhile option, as it is lighter on system resources). Simply edit the msconfig start-up list by following these steps:

  • From the Start menu, type msconfig and hit Enter to open the System Configuration screen.

  • Select the Start-up tab. A list of programs that automatically begin running when Windows first starts is displayed. In the Startup Item tab, search for ZoneAlarm.

  • Once located, uncheck the box beside it to disable it from Start-up.

  • ZoneAlarm will no longer launch automatically when you switch your computer on. This is useful if you usually perform a task that conflicts with the firewall when you first start Windows (such as downloading using P2P networks, or online gaming).

The right-click tray icon menu within ZoneAlarm also contains some other handy quick links. One of these is Stop all Internet Activity which will immediately block any inbound or outbound communications to and from the internet (the same as switching off your modem or router, but much easier and faster to access) โ€“ invaluable if you suspect a malicious attack is currently taking place.

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