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What is Station Separation and Client Isolation?
What is Station Separation and Client Isolation?
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Station Separation and Client Isolation on EnGenius Access Points prevents one wireless device from directly communicating with another on the same AP; thus, eliminating the problem of malicious users accessing open Windows shared or unsecured PCs. However, wired devices would be allowed to communicate out the wired interface of their AP.

EnGenius Access Points like EAP300v2/350/600, ECB350/600, ENS200/200EXT/202/202EXT/500/500EXT, and ENH200/200EXT/210/210EXT/202 has Station Separation on SSID profile setting where as the newer EnGenius Access Points like EAP1750H/1200H, ECB1750/1200, ENS1750/1200, ENH220/1750EXT, and EWS series has Client Isolation.

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