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Can port mirroring be set up on the ESR600?
Can port mirroring be set up on the ESR600?
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Port mirroring is useful for network monitoring and can be used as a diagnostic tool. Port mirroring sends traffic to applications that analyze traffic for purposes such as monitoring compliance, detecting intrusions, monitoring and predicting traffic patterns, and other correlating events.

The built-in 4-port switch on the ESR600 does not have the port mirroring feature. Port mirroring can be found on EnGenius Smart, Managed, and Neutron switches such as the EGS2108P, EGS2110P, EGS5110P, EGS5212FP, EGS7228P, EGS7228FP, EGS7252FP, EWS5912FP, EWS79228P, EWS79228FP, and the EWS7952FP.

Figure 1: ESR600

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