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Can the ENS202EXT be set up as a repeater?
Can the ENS202EXT be set up as a repeater?
Updated over a week ago

The ENS202EXT originally does not have the repeater mode and will require the firmware to be updated to version 1.5.33

Here's how to configure the ENS202EXT as a repeater.

Log in to the web interface of the ENS202EXT

Click Operation Mode to configure the System Properties. Select Repeater then click Save & Apply

Click Wireless Network and click Site Survey button to find the network that you would like to repeat

On the Site Survey result, find the SSID of the Network and click the BSSID

Input the Password/Passphrase of the repeated network and click Accept

After the above steps, click Save/Reload to see and review the changes that you've made and click Save&Apply to permanently save the settings.

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