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Enterprise-Class Single Port Power-Over-Ethernet Adapter
Enterprise-Class Single Port Power-Over-Ethernet Adapter
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Powered by EnGenius Single Port Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) adapter solution is ideal for installers to deploy PoE devices scalable, and to reduce maintenance cost and labor fee.

The ideal solution could assist installers to solve the limitation in designing networks is the availability of power source. The EnGenius PoE adapter allows delivery of both data and power to compatible Access Points or device over a single Ethernet cable, allowing deployment of them exactly when users needed to provide the best wireless coverage and at much lower installation cost.

Besides built-in networking facility, EPA series is also equipped with short-circuit and overload protection to assure the securable and reliable connection for Access Points or other PoE devices. By sending direct current (DC) output, Ethernet terminals which need more power such as wireless LAN high power device, IP media center, and web camera are powered remotely.


  • Scalable deployment by powering devices from up to 100 meter (328 feet) remote-end

  • Significantly reduce maintenance cost and labor fee

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