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How does Fast Handover work? What product does it apply to?
How does Fast Handover work? What product does it apply to?
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Fast Handover is a feature of the Access Point wherein it will disconnect a wireless device once it gets a poor signal or a certain RSSI value.

After the new firmware update, Fast Handover has changed to RSSI. Here's how to use this feature:

Log in to the interface of the Access Point (i.e. EAP1750H) (default IP:

Go to Wireless and look for RSSI Threshold.

Check the Box/es the correspond/s to the band (2.4GHz or 5GHz) that you would like the RSSI Threshold to be enabled. Set your desired value and click save.

Note: Default RSSI for 2.4GHz band is -85dBm
Default RSSI for 5GHz band is -90dBm

After saving the settings, click Changes option to see and review the changes that you implement. Then click Apply to confirm and accept the changes to be saved on the access point permanently.

Applies to:

All EnGenius Neutron Series Dual-Band Access Points and newer dual-band Electron Access Points such as the EAP900H, EAP1200H, EAP1750H, ECB1750, ECB1200, ENS1200, ENS1750, ENH900EXT, ENH1750EXT, and ENH710EXT.

Note: Fast Handover has been renamed as RSSI Threshold on latest firmware versions.

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