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Adding devices to ezMaster Device Inventory
Adding devices to ezMaster Device Inventory
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Before managing a remote AP/switch, you must first bind the AP to ezMaster's Device Inventory by ‘registering’ the device. Skip this section if you are managing only local devices or if you are manually redirecting each AP to ezMaster.

1. Once ezMaster has been registered with the ezRegistration server, you can start registering your APs and adding them to ezMaster’s device inventory by clicking on the ‘Device Inventory’ icon.

2. Next, click on the ‘Add Device’ button.

3. Enter the MAC Address, Check Code and Description of the device you want to register using a semi-colon (;) to separate each field. eg. MAC Address;Check Code;Description To register more than one device at the same time, enter the information of one device per row by pressing Enter. Click the "Register" button once you are done.

Note: The 'check code' of the AP can be found on either the device label at the bottom of the AP. If not, access the AP's user interface and find it under the "Management > Controller Settings". Contact your local dealer if you are having problems locating the check code.

4. The message below will be displayed upon successfully claiming an AP. Click on "OK" to proceed.

5. The registered AP will be listed in your Device Inventory.

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