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Caller ID is working on a different analog phone but not on DuraFon Pro/DuraFon4x. Aside from adjusting the Flash Time setting on the phone system, what other troubleshooting steps can we do to get the Caller ID working?
Durafon PRO Manual mentioned about text messaging. How can I send text message/s to my handset?
How to improve Durafon PRO coverage in a 12 story building
How do I set date and time on DuraFon PRO handset since there is date and time stamp on received call logs?
What should I do when my Visual Message Waiting Indication on PRO is not working?
How to Register a Durafon Pro Handset to a Durafon Pro Base Station
Can the Durafon-UHF be programmed to operate on frequencies between 450-470 MHz?
Can a repeater be used with different transmission & receive MHz (465 – 460)?
Will the Durafon-UHF handset work with a Durafon 1x base if a customer only wants 1 line?
Can a call on the 900MHz frequency be transferred to a two-way radio?
EnGenius in the past was designing a repeater to extend the range even further, is there any update on the availability?
Is Bluetooth functionality on the roadmap? (Durafon-UHF)
Can you lock the radio function on Durafon-UHF into radio mode?
Does Durafon-UHF have the ability to scan channels?
Can you program each line on UHF/PRO/SIP handset to a specific extension?
What frequency channels are set for the DuraFon UHF to by default?
How much power does the DuraFon-UHF handset have for phone and UHF radio?
How far does the telephone mode and UHF radio mode go?
Which EnGenius phone system supports TAP Protocol?
Can the DuraFon-UHF handset support frequencies outside the predefined channels?
My Base Station is losing settings!
Can the DuraFon-UHF handset work with a repeater system?
How far does the 2-way intercom and broadcast 900MHz EnGenius features go between handsets?
What type of headset will work with the DuraFon-UHF handset?
How do I disable the CTCSS/DCS tone on the Durafon-UHF?
How to transfer a call from an EnGenius handset to a different extension on my PBX?
How can I find out what frequencies my existing two-way radios are using? (Durafon-UHF)
How to Extend Phone Coverage Outdoors
How to adjust the frequency on FreeStyl1/FreeStyl2 Handset and Base Station?
Is the DuraFon-UHF compatible with RoIP systems?
Durafon Optimal Antenna
Which EnGenius phone systems does the DuraFon-UHF handset work with?
Does the EnGenius phones support UTF-8 caller ID characters?
How to Change DTMF settings on a Durafon 1x V2 system.
Durafon SIP phone set cannot make or receive calls behind a Zultys IP PBX.
Durafon UHF FAQ
Low overhead paging volume behind a Mitel 5000.
Can I assign user(s) to make and receive PSTN calls?
I would like to replace a DuraFon PRO handset, but there is no “clear HS” option.
How to use PBX options that have been enabled on the handset?
Can I adjust the frequency on FreeStyl1/FreeStyl2 Handset and Base Station?
What impedance is the headset jack on the DuraFon?
How much signal loss is incurred when the 5m cable that comes with the SN-Ultra-LPK is installed?
What to do when a Motorola RDU2080 can’t communicate with Durafon UHF?
DuraFon Best Practices
TAP Paging Quick Reference Guide
Can I change the frequency of my DurafonPRO system?
What is "Dynamic Port Enabled" on my DURAFON-SIP used for?
What is the max recommended length of coaxial cable can be used for EnGenius Phone Systems?
What is the length of the SN-UL-AK20L Outdoor antenna?
Optional SN-UL-AK20L Outdoor Antenna Installation Instructions
Voltage Inputs for Engenius Telecom Product Base Stations
Adding and Deleting a Group from a DuraFon PRO handset
How to determine which Base/Line to use from a given handset on DURAFON1X system?
Does the EnGenius LPK protect against direct lightning strike?
How to Register a DURAFON1X handset to a DURAFON1X Base Station?
How to use more than one DURAFON1X base units?
How to do Remote Registration in a DuraFon PRO Telecom System
Multiple Base Setup in a DuraFon PRO Telecom System
How to use EnGenius SN-ULTRA-AS?
Can I make two-way radio transmissions while someone is making a cordless phone call?