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How to use more than one DURAFON1X base units?
How to use more than one DURAFON1X base units?
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The EnGenius Durafon1x system allows you to add additional bases. Therefore, more than one line.

To add additional base unit:

  • Register all handsets to the primary base originally used in the system. (Click here)

  • Get an administrator handset (ID 11, or 12) and the additional base unit you plan to add.

  • Power-up the base.

  • Press and hold down the register (labelled REG) button on the base until all four green LED lights illuminate.

  • Press menu on the handset followed by 6 (Registration) 3 (set base), and then choose 20 (for base #2).

  • (Note additional bases 3, and 4 can be done the exact same way, however their base numbers would be 30, and 40 accordingly.)

  • The second base in the example (base 20) can accept 9 more handsets (ID 21-29) etc.

    Total of 36 handsets can be used with 4 base stations with the 1x system.

    Base 10 = ID11-19 (9 handsets)

    Base 20 = ID21-29 (9 handsets)

    Base 30 = ID31-39 (9 handsets)

    Base 40 = ID41-49 (9 handsets)

NOTE: Bases should be separated from each other, and from external antenna(s) by at least 10 metres (33 feet).

Each base should be connected to a different external line. DO NOT connect 2 Bases to the same line.

The DuraFon 1X does not have Call Waiting feature for a second line provided by a second Base. If you are talking on Base 1/Line 1, and a call comes in on Base 2/Line 2, you will not be alerted to the second call, and you can’t put the first call on hold to answer the second incoming call. The caller on Line 2 will simply not get answered, but could leave a message (if supported by the phone service provider).

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