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Durafon UHF FAQ
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Can the UHF be programmed between 450-470 MHz?


Can a call on the 900MHz frequency be transferred to a two-way radio?


Will the UHF work with a 1x base if a customer only wants 1 line?

No. It’s only available for the DuraFon-PRO at this time

Can Durafon-TAP be provisioned with the UHF?

No (not at this time but it may be available in the future)

Does Durafon-UHF have the ability to scan channels?

Not at this time but this feature will likely be added in the future

Is Bluetooth functionality on the roadmap?


Can the DuraFon-UHF handset be used without a base station?

he UHF portion of the DURAFON UHF handset will work even if it is not registered to a base station.

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