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How to use EnGenius SN-ULTRA-AS?
How to use EnGenius SN-ULTRA-AS?
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The EnGenius SN-ULTRA-AS (Antenna Splitter) is very important for enterprise use when 900 MHz signal needs to be spread over a wide area. Because of this, special attention must be paid to the features and capabilities of this component.


Step 1:

Connect the Reverse Thread TNC Connector (Port 3) to the included 3 meter coaxial cable, and then attach the other end of this cable to the base unit's antenna connector.

Note: EnGenius base unit's antenna connector uses a reverse thread TNC adapter and is turned clockwise to remove.

Step 2:

Connect the Reverse Thread TNC Connector (Port 1 or Port 2) to the Antenna Kit, SN-ULTRA-AK20L and the SN-UL-AK20L-IND

Note. Because two antennas are using the splitter, the signal for each antenna will be weaker than if the signal went straight to a single antenna without running through the splitter. The more times the signal is split, the weaker it will become. EnGenius generally does not recommend using more than one splitter in a deployment. On some occasions, two splitters may be required. Beyond two splitters, the increase in area will be offset by the loss in signal strength because of the antenna and splitters.

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