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How to do Remote Registration in a DuraFon PRO Telecom System
How to do Remote Registration in a DuraFon PRO Telecom System
Updated over a week ago

There are two (2) ways in registering a handset to a DuraFon PRO telecom system.

(1) The traditional way (press and hold the register button on the base, then Menu 6, 1 on the handset you want to register) – (see link below):


(2) Register DuraFon PRO handset using an admin handset (handset ID 10 or 11).

Note: Make sure that the base is not in use and powered ON.

Here are the steps below:

1.) Get an admin handset (either HS ID 10 or 11) and also the handset you want to register.

2.) Step 1 1 – using the admin handset, press MENU 6, 3. After pressing 3, the display should show “DONE”. Doing this will initiate the base and put in registration mode just the same as if you pressed and held the REG button (i.e. you should see all four line lights light up at this point indicating the base is waiting for a handset to register to it).

a.) Note: There is a 15 second window to register a handset to the base. If you take too long, it will time out. If that happens, just do step 1 again and be quicker with step 2.

Note: The admin handset has 3 options: 1. Register, 2. Deregister, 3. Remote REG.

3.) Step 2 – Now set the admin handset aside and grab the handset that needs to be registered – and with that handset press Menu 6, 1.

Note: The unregistered handset has only 2 options: 1. Register, 2. Deregister.

4.) When the handset registration is complete, the handset display should show “Registration Complete” and a new two digit handset ID will be given to that handset.

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