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How much signal loss is incurred when the 5m cable that comes with the SN-Ultra-LPK is installed?
How much signal loss is incurred when the 5m cable that comes with the SN-Ultra-LPK is installed?
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The 5m cable will cause about 1dB of signal loss.

While the DuraFon and FreeStyl long range cordless phone systems have exceptional range, sometimes there are obstructions and other factors that can limit the system's range. Adding the SN-AK20L 6dbi omnidirectional high gain antenna can help provide optimal signal performance and connectivity to and from cordless DuraFon and FreeStyle handsets.

The antenna can be mounted indoors or outdoors.

Each antenna comes with 20 meters (approximately 65 feet) of LMR400 low loss coax cable and mounting hardware.

EnGenius SN-ULTRA-AS Antenna Splitter

Two antennas can be connected to each base station using the optional antenna splitter to provide a wider range of coverage. When you split the signal, there is a significant reduction in potential coverage strength, but it is ideal when obstacles obstruct the signal and weaken or prevent coverage to other areas.

Each DuraFon and FreeStyl system can support two (2) external antennas.

EnGenius SN-ULTRA-LPK Lightning Protection Module

When you are using an external antenna outdoors you will certainly want to consider using the EnGenius SN-ULTRA-LPK Lightning Protection module. One LPK module is required for each external antenna you would like to protect.

The electrode arrestor acts like a fuse which can be triggered several hundred times before replacement is necessary. You don't need to purchase a new LPK module after each lightning strike. This makes the LPK a very economical addition to environments that frequently experience lightning storms. Even an indirect strike can cause electrical surges that can cause damage to your network.

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