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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
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Captive Portal Login
Access Points vs Extenders
What is Beamforming?
What is an Access Point?
What is AP Mode?
What is DDNS?
What is DHCP Relay?
What is Firmware?
What is SSID?
What is Wi-Fi 6?
Wi-Fi Channel
What is Radius Server?
MU MIMO Technology
What is OFDMA?
Port Forwarding
Port Mirroring
What is WPA3?
Half Duplex vs. Full Duplex
Bridge Mode
Routers vs. Switches
What is SFP Port?
WAN Port
Spanning Tree Protocol
Which company makes the best Wi-Fi access point?
What is mesh Wi-Fi?
What is the difference between PoE, PoE+, and PoE++?
What is Layer 2 Technology?
What is a DHCP Server?
What is QoS in Networking?
What is a "Broadcast Storm" and how do you stop it?
What is the purpose of 802.11k and 802.11r?
What is PoE?
What is a pre-shared key (PSK)?
What is Link Aggregation?
IGMP Snooping
What does WIDS and WIPS mean?
What is a de-authenticate attack?
What is a man-in-the-middle attack?
What is a rogue access point?
What is an "evil twin" attack?
What is RF jamming?
What is zero-wait DFS?
What is Traffic Shaping?
What is an SNMP port and how does it work?
How To Factory Reset An EnGenius Switch Using the Console Port
What is a "Dual Radio"?
What is Wi-Fi Spectrum Analysis?
What is 802.1X Authentication?
What is Auto Negotiation?
What is a trunk port or VLAN trunk?
What is a default IP address?
What is the 5 GHz Wi-Fi Spectrum?
What are Wi-Fi 6 Devices?
What is a Network Report?
What is a Configuration Log?
What is a Multi-Gigabit Switch?
What is Two-Factor Authentication?
Access Point LEDs and What They Mean
What is a Network Switch?
What is a Radius Server?
What is Network Topology?
Detecting and Fixing Network Threats
What is Dual Band Wi-Fi?
What is a Gigabit Switch?
What does “port status” mean in regard to network switches?
What is an uplink/downlink?
What is a gateway IP address?
What is the 802.1q standard?
What is antenna gain?
What is SSID Broadcasting?
What is Port Security on a Switch?
What can Network Management Tools do?
What is Dynamic ARP Inspection?
What is a Dual Radio Device?
What is the Difference Between Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6E?