What is mesh Wi-Fi?
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A mesh Wi-Fi system is made up of a main router hooked up to your modem and "nodes" placed strategically throughout your home or business. All of these devices create a single network for your home or small business with an SSID (network name) and password.

Mesh Wi-Fi nodes are like speakers. Just as you would find it hard to hear music from downstairs if you were upstairs in your bedroom with the door shut, you'd also find it hard to get strong, fast Wi-Fi if the router were downstairs and you were on your phone in your bedroom trying to watch a video.

The buffering and dropped connections can be annoying.

Multiple levels, doors, walls, and floors create obstructions to your Wi-Fi signal. Other devices as well can create interference. You can avoid interruptions to your connection by placing nodes in each room of the house, supplying solid Wi-Fi coverage throughout.

Most mesh systems can be set up using a mobile app, showing you the most optimal placement for each node in your house. You can also use the app to limit access for kids and guests, manage your Wi-Fi settings, and give some devices priority over others.

NOTE: Each node will need its own power source, so be sure to place them near outlets or other sources of power.

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