What is AP Mode?
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If you buy a new router, there is no need to throw out or give away your old one. You can probably turn your old router into an "access point" by putting it into access point mode or what many companies call "bridge mode."

If you put it in access point mode, your old router will function as a means for wireless devices to connect to your network. It can extend your network capability in precisely the same way as a brand new access point could--at no extra cost.

Here are the steps to turn your old router into an access point:

1. Access your Wi-Fi router settings.
​2. Type your router's IP address in the search bar of your browser and press enter.
​3. Enter the Username and password to access your router's firmware.
​4. Under operation mode, you will find "wireless router mode" checked as the default. Click on "access point mode" or "bridge mode," and you're all set!

​Suppose your router doesn't have this option. In that case, you must manually disable the routing function and "force" your router into access point mode. (Note: Some access points provide no option for disabling the routing function.)

1. Put tape over the WAN port on the back of your router. You won't use this anymore.

2. Find the IP of your new router (not the one you're turning into an access point). Pull up the command prompt on your computer and type "ipconfig" and press enter. The "Default Gateway" is your IP address.

3. Determine a new IP address to your old router in this way: Let's say the IP address for your new router is You will want to choose a new IP address for your OLD router within the range of and 192.168.253. Once the new IP address is assigned, it may not be used for any other device on the network.

4. Find the current IP address for your old router and type it into your browser. Under the network settings, find the LAN setting and replace the IP address with your new IP address.

5. Within the same interface, find the DHCP server setting and disable the DHCP server. Save/apply the changes.

6. Connect your old router to your new router, and it will begin to function as an access point. Now, you're all set!

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