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What is a Multi-Gigabit Switch?
What is a Multi-Gigabit Switch?
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Multi-gigabit (also called multi-gig) is the term people use to describe Ethernet ports compliant with NBASE-T 802.3bz. It refers to switch ports that run at speeds higher than 1G on copper cables.

Multi-gigabit switches help futureproof your infrastructure. It allows you to switch from 1G (the speed of a "gigabit" switch) to 2.5G speeds on existing cables and let your existing network and Wi-Fi infrastructure embrace the higher network speeds.

Many of the latest Wi-Fi 6 infrastructure machines and connectable devices need power--and more of it. This means users can gain the benefits of better connectivity and better performance. It also means that you can gradually expand your Wi-Fi network and network infrastructure so that it supports a mix of older and newer APs and associated Wi-Fi deployment devices.

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