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Installing and setting up VMware Player for eZMaster
Installing and setting up VMware Player for eZMaster
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  1. Download VMware Player (7.0.0 or later) from the link below:

  2. After successfully installing VMware Player, start the program and click on “Open a Virtual Machine”

  3. Locate and select the ezMaster image file.

  4. Once the ezMaster image has been mounted, select: Player > Manage > Virtual Machine Settings…

  5. Under the “Hardware” tab, click on “Network Adapter” and select “Bridged: Connect directly to the physical network”.

  6. If your PC has more than one network adapter, click on “Configure Adapters” and choose the network adapter that your computer uses to connect to the Internet (WAN). Choose only one wired LAN adapter. DO NOT select a Wireless LAN adapter or other virtual adapters.

  7. Click on “OK” to save apply settings.

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